Wednesday, 23 April 2014

International Friendship Day

Name:M.Aishwar M.

Class:Perservance 1 [1E1]

Date:21 April 2014

                              International  Friendship Day


            Hi everyone! Now I am going to talk about International Friendship Day. We all will commemorate it on Sunday 3rd August. International Friendship Day is the day when we get to together and get to know about other races and religion. We will also get to know about other race people’s culture and other things about them. They also will learn about our ethnic costumes and cultures. We can learn how to wear other race people’s ethnic costumes for example how to tie a saree or a half saree. We can also know, what they will do or cook on their Festive days and why Chinese use red color things more than black color things. We learn more and more things about other races when we bond together during International Friendship Day and other days. I think you all would understand why we celebrate International Friendship Day