Monday, 24 March 2014


Write the Reflection using this Question:

- How are EL lessons so far?

- How am I doing in EL lessons?

- How can the teachers help me?



Reflection: when the day which was the first day of EL lesson I was very scared because in my primary school my English teacher screams at everyone so I thought that Madam Tan and Ms Foo will be the same so I was very scared. But Madam Tan and Ms Foo were very kind so after the first day of EL lesson the scaredness went off from me. So from then I started loving English and set a goal for me to at least pass or get a B4. And form then I found the EL lessons easy to understand and a fun place to learn more. Then after looking at my scores on English in CA1 I have decided to work harder and pay more attention in all EL lessons after March holidays .I am paying attention to teachers in EL lessons only some times and rest of the time not paying attention to teacher so after March holidays I have decided to pay attention all the time to all the teachers and all the subjects. And the teacher have help me the most they can.

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