Monday, 27 January 2014

story of file draft 1

It was a Monday. I was brough to a sho from a file making place to sell me. I was going to the shop in a lorry. After reaching the shop, I was brough to a dark rom and left ther with the other files. Th   next day, I was taken out of the box and put on the shelf.  hen after awhile a young lad wearing shorts and Justin Bieber t-shirt approache me and took me and put me in he basket. Then straight she approached the counter t pay money for me and the othe things in the basket. I was put in a plastic bag and brought to a house; I think it i the young lady’s house. After enterin the house the lady took me out of th plastic bag and gave me to a girl, I think it is her daughter. Her daughter brough me to her to room and wrote some kind of words. I think is her name and her clas. The next day, she brought me to he school and file all her worksheets in me. And fro that day she loaded me with worksheets almost everyday. From that da almost everyday my weight  increase  s  I cried bu no tears cam and I got angr but the file didn’t turn red .Thank god, at the end of the year she unloaded me s I was very happy .Then I was left in the shelf for a year and again she used me. Then after she used me again I was broke so she recycled me

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