Monday, 27 January 2014

struggle and success draft 4


             It was a Monday I was going to school nervously because I was the day which my English teacher say that he is going the tell the SA2 English marks for everyone so I was nervous.

             When I open my test paper I got a heart attack because I got 19 out f 100, it was a U grade. Then after school I went home with my test paper. After my parents see my test paper they scolded me. From then onwards I decided to study hard but I did not know how to improve my English.

               The next morning I went to school, when I reach school the first thing I did was to go to the staff room where I can meet my English teacher.

               When I approached another teacher to help me call my English teacher. The teacher told me that my English teacher was not in school so the end of the day I was going home without knowing how to improve my English.

                Then when I was on the way home I got an idea. the idea was about going to me tuition teacher’s house to ask for some tips on improving my English so as I though I approached my tuition teacher’s house and knock the door an  call for my English teacher .then only my tuition  teacher’s neighbor told me that my teacher have gone out .
                 The next day I approach my English teacher and as for some tips on improving on my English and he also gave me some tip. From that day onward I followed all the tip and i though all the tips which my English teacher gave was enough so I didn’t approach my tuition

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